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Knowledge + Action = Safety

 In any and all boating situations requiring help including emergencies and breakdowns very high frequency (VHF) marine-band radios should always be installed and in good working condition. VHF radios remain the primary means of communication for vessels throughout the United States. HEDZUP safety flags are only to be used as a visual whether you are trying to prevent accidents or attract immediate help.


Learn about the specifics for the purpose of the HEDZUP boating safety flags below.

  • From 2011 to 2015, Recreational Boating Statistics showed that nationwide 1,329 people were struck by a vessel. 147 of those people lost their lives.


  • 65% of people are visual. Fellow boaters are more likely to slow down and scan the area more thoroughly if they have seen a HEDZUP SeeMe flag.


  • This large orange and black Skier-down/SeeMe flag warns fellow boaters that you have loved ones in the water and you want them noticed and avoided. Whatever water sport you are participating in, when you have someone in the water, display your SeeMe flag every time.      

  • Please be sure to check your local laws for the proper usage of the Skier-down flag in your area. Not all of the states that require the Skier-down flag have the same laws.

  • In Recreational Boating Statistics for 2015 there were 990 collisions with recreational vessels. 619 were injured. 36 of the people involved in those collisions lost their lives.


  • Operator inattention ranked higher for the primary contributing factor of accidents over operator inexperience!


  • This large black and yellow HEDZUP TowMe? flag provides the immediate response you need to get you off the water and out of danger.

  • Small mishaps can turn into emergencies in a split second and cell phones are not always reliable.


  • Boating can sometimes leave you feeling isolated


  • This large blue and white HEDZUP HelpMe flag will allow you to assist in the emergency rather than focus on getting someone's attention. Use your marine radio to call for help and put your HEDZUP HelpMe flag out. These two steps can be the difference between getting immediate help and feeling completely alone.