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Hello, I am Jim Frederick, a certified scuba diver Instructor with over 3 decades of experience in the diving industry. My wife, Melisa, and I are excited to tell you about the business we started IN 2016. It started with a vision to increase boater safety nationwide with simple to understand flags.

Melisa and I were both raised on the lakes of the Midwest and we have noticed that over the years boating flags and precautionary measures used to ensure safety have become more of an afterthought. One weekend while boating, we decided to show a few boaters a ski flag to see if they knew what it represented. We were alarmed to find that many of the boaters we asked did not know what the flag meant! Even if a state requires a boat with a skier, boarder, or tuber, to display a ski flag as soon as the skier goes into the water, it’s not effective if fellow boaters aren’t aware of the meaning. Simply put, for the safety of people in the water, boaters should display a flag of warning that others will be able to easily understand.

Our hope is that these flags are not viewed as just another flag, but a direct promotion of greater safety. Safety gear needs to be big, bright, and self-explanatory. We are confident that these flags will create a new mindset and awareness in the boating industry, therefore, becoming vital for boaters to be able to cover all their safety needs. We felt that in order to ensure the fullest measure of protection we needed to make them a package deal. We designed the flags to be visible from 300 feet away and to be easily comprehended with no previous experience or exposure necessary.


Our vision is to be a part of helping to eliminate the devastation of, most importantly, a loss of life, but also injury, or even vessel damage. All should be unacceptable and all can be avoidable.

Click on the 'Flag Details" tab to get an in-depth look at the importance of each flag. 

Our calling is to provide a quality visual aid to and for boaters.

Our desire is to see everyone return home safely.

Blessings, Jim & Melisa Frederick